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One Who Eats Raw Flesh

Exhibition View, 2021. 

"One Who Eats Raw Flesh" is an installation that restores a surreal and grotesque relics where flora and fauna, human representations, and inanimate objects intertwine, creating a pitfall in which time is blurred and erased. The work references seemingly mundane objects and transformed them into otherworldly hybridity whose original functionality is disarmed and twisted. It celebrates speculative scenarios and revives mankind’s ancestral symbiosis with the Earth in the time of increasing eco-catastrophes.



Central to this installation, "Stool of Eternity" juxtaposes petrified wood with 3D printed miniatures of whale skulls that loop in a swirl. Combining the product of nature’s intelligent mechanism and a decorative artifact attempting to mimic nature, Chen suggests a harmony of the organic and the fantastic.


One Who Eats Raw Flesh I, 2021.

straw, wood PLA, stainless steel. 

hook: 22 x 12 x 15cm, handle 21 x 5 x 9cm


Dancer Chalice, 2021.

Resin, 15 x 15 x 22cm.


Eternity Stool, 2021.

Petrified wood, resin. 32 x 29 x 18cm.


One Who Eats Raw Flesh IV, 2021.

straw, wood PLA, petrified wood, metal. 

handle 15 x 4 x 7cm

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