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Undercurrents Performance Poster, 2020

"Undercurrents" is a surging body of water, an archetypal image of a dark and eternal flow. Comprised of individual dreams as well as the collective consciousness, the undercurrents is imbued with prototypes from archaic myths and generations of human imagination, but constantly outshone by the ego and rational thoughts.

Undercurrents Performance Trailer, 2020

The performance is an invitation to a gathering and healing process that encourages the audience to build a private experience through active imagination. The artist believes that exploring the realm of dreams and subconsciousness compensatory value for emotions, and realizes that the content gushing upward from the subconscious makes the individual more full.


The healing properties of "Undercurrents" are embodied in the tangible body: the actor makes his heart rate calm through breathing adjustments and chanting; and achieves physical comfort and joy through asanas and dances.


"Undercurrents" debuted at X Museum, Beijing in 2020, as a part of the museum's triennial. 


Performance View. X Museum, Beijing, 2020.

Courtesy of X Museum and Siliang Ma

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